Winter (+) Sunshine

Oh, my Wellington friends. I can’t seem to get over how cool you all are. Seriously, certifiably fabuloso. Who writes songs, teaches themselves how to edit, enlists their pals to film, and puts together such amazingness? YOU GUYS DO. And I’m so happy that I have been able to be a part of some of it.

International Economy are the newest “indie-pop duo from Wellington…U.S. singer-songwriter Chiara LaRotonda  and British musician and author Jez Kemp.” Together, they are pure awesome. And I’m not just saying that because I’m in the video (partially recorded during my visit to Wellington last September), which premièred last night over teh interwebz (and which I got to watch thanks to UStream, with a special Skype session with everyone afterward). Here you go, the latest song that will stick in your head:

[Buy it on Bandcamp…or even download it for free]

I love this ditty because it encapsulates so well what it means to be surviving the winter in the Antipodes, the place where, just because it doesn’t snow, no one believes you should put insulation in houses. From  seeing my breath in my bedroom each morning in Mt. Vic, to a daily discussion with my Wellington girlfriends about our “hotties” (hot water bottles, of course), to wearing jackets around my Aro Valley house for months, I know what it is to suffer through a Wellington winter — and also how it feels to be able to make puns like, “ALL my boyfriends are Winters’ boyfriends.” Heh.

You’ve already been introduced to his 100,000-person-viewed hit “I Believe In Dinosaurs” (which yours truly is also in). Now, I give you: Jez Kemp‘s “Sunshine”:

[Buy it on Bandcamp…or even download it for free]
[Buy one of Jez’s hilarious/cool/quirky t-shirts (I have!)]

 This is, purely and simply, Wellington. Its beauty. Its grittiness. The grey, depressing, gale-filled days that make you wonder why you chose to live in a small island in the bottom of the freezing Pacific Ocean. The glorious views from atop Mt. Victoria, overlooking the Wellington harbor, that make you feel privileged that you are one of the few people in the human race who is allowed to see such sights whenever you desire.

Even if you don’t know Wellington, or my amazing-crazy-fantastic pals (how great is Rachel’s hula hooping? Daniil’s beard? Anna’s go-go dancing? Sam’s eyebrows? Parsons’ all-around hirsuteness?), I’m positive you’ll have these videos on repeat. Do think of purchasing the songs if you can. I will be. I’ll be singing along with my iPod as I wait for the tram, just the other side of the Tasman Sea.

logo by Jez (buy the t-shirt here)
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2 responses to “Winter (+) Sunshine

  1. Chur Theresa! Thanks heaps, much from this side of the Tasman! :)
    (P.S. Can I recommend amending the code in the Winter Boyfriend embed – it’s ideally 4:3 resolution, so widescreen cuts off the top and the bottom)

  2. Tried a different format, but both are looking fine for me. Silly YouTube! Anyway, great job once again.

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